3 Best Sunrise Watching Point in Bandung

Sunrise is the best thing that happened in your morning, other than your coffee! In this article you will see the best place to see sunrise while drinking a hot drink with your friends.

Tebing Keraton

One of the famous sunrise point in Bandung. The path to reach the top of Tebing Keraton is not very hard you can use car or motorcycle to reach the top and walk for a few meters. You will see Djuanda Forest as you watch the sun starting to rise. You also can eat some snack here there are many shop that opens in the morning to accompany you while you watch the sunrise.

Bukit Moko

The Height of Bukit Moko is 1500 Above sea level. You can see Bandung while its sleep and watch the sun rise waking up the people of Bandung. The path also not hard, because at Bukit Moko you can just watch the sunrise in your car with your friends or partner. This is also a very romantic place to have a date with !

Gunung Putri Lembang

Prepare your shoes, your jacket, and some scarf to visit Gunung Putri! It is very cold in the morning, so don’t forget to bring stuff that can warm you up. Located in Lembang, and the height is 1587 not to mention Lembang is already cold in the morning. You go to Gunung Putri around 3 o’clock in the morning to catch the sunrise, it is painful to wake up in the morning, but the view once you get there will pay it all off.