Nature Attraction of Western Bandung

Sukawana Tea Plantation

Start your day with the fresh air at Sukawana Tea plantation. Not only to refresh your self with some tea plantation view, you can also enjoy the tea that are originally from the field itself. You will receive a black tea to enjoy your morning. The use of black tea is to boost your stamina, so it would give you energy for the day.

Dusun Bamboo Family Resort

After we are done at Sukawana, we will Explore resort based on nature that have a lot of trees and a man made lake at the middle of the resort where you can use a boat to row around or even just to put your feet in the water After that we can have lunch here if you wanted to, they are serving traditional and modern food

Lunch at Cafe Burangrang in Dusun Bambu (At your own expenses)

Rainbow Waterfal

Why does it called Rainbow Waterfall? As you can see in the picture there is a phenomena where rainbow appears after the water hit the ground. The Rainbow are often seen here, so it is called Rainbow Waterfall.