Lembang Tour From Bandung

Hello people…

do you know about Lembang? Lembang is difinitely cooling than bandung, Located at North Bandung, approximately in the Lembang area. You can find the popular tourist landmark in the area The lodge maribaya, Lembang floating market, Farmhouse.

The Lodge Maribaya

The lodge maribaya is a tourist destination in Bandung offering camping, trekking in beautifull natural surroundings close to find forest, located at Cibodas maribaya villages.

The lodge maribaya provides accomodation, toilet, a garden and many more photo spot like free bikes, etc. in 2016, the lodge maribaya improve creative tourism through various interesting facilities that can be enjoyed with your family.

Lembang Floating Market

for next journey is Floating Market, did you know this market sold goods from boats?? known as “Pasar Apung Lembang”in Bahasa Indonesia.

for in addition to enjoying delicious foods on boat, visitors especially children can also feed animals such as rabbits and geese, and pick strawberries directly from the trees, with a great village scenery on the background.

To enjoy other facilities here, visitors can buy coins and then buy some goods, there are 2 denomination IDR 5000 and IDR 10.000 at the ticket counter , a very affordable price, for each of the facility, and then you can change your ticket for welcome drink.

Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden welcome visitors on daily basis, you can be sure to able to admire a garden full of vibrant flower 100 species, most of which! believe it or no ! so, don’t worry, this ensure that the flower are safe for kids too.

don’t forget to try the local snack like tahu pletok, a chewy snack with tofu for its filling, or sate kelinci/beef/chicken.

Farmhouse Lembang

for the last destination, you should visit Farmhouse Lembang, the europian style building, hobbit’s house lookout and the garden. Farmhouse located at Jalan Raya Lembang, it’s on the edge of the highway, so it’s pretty easy to find too !

with it’s europian style buildings, Farmhouse were often combined with space for animals called housebarn and the Hobbit house reminiscent of lord the rings the farmhouse is a suitable place for your family, children can have fun running “amok” in the big garden area, while parents enjoying the fresh cool mountain air and taking photos.

Hobbit House

did you know about film The lord of the ring? you might be happy to find the Hobbit house here, the small houses with beautifull arranged garden and then with typical round shape door.

Farm House does not have a special enclosure for their animals like in a zoo, there are horses, rabbits, birds, sheep, and other.

Love Bridge

Lembang Farmhouse provides a bridge with a steel fence. Lovers then install a padlock on that fence. According to the myth, installing a padlock on a bridge like this will make the relationship last for eternity. You can see the colorful padlocks with the name of couples on this bridge.

and then…..

don’t forget to buy the susu lembang & susu lembang Cake before you leaves this place for your gift.

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