Hello People… it’s holiday season, so let’s go to holiday with your family at Kawah Putih, Glamping Lakeside, Deer Conservation and Rancabali Tea/strawberry.

from Bandung, 50 Km south of the city to get to Kawah putih. The Kawah Putih site was opened to visitors in 1987, Kawah putih is white crater was formed from the eruption of Mount Patuha. It’s very nice colourful lake,  because the color of the crater is apple green because it contains sulfur.

Glamping Lakeside

For next journey, Ciwidey has a new place for your vacation, it’s name Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. it’s offer glamour lakeside, restaurant, Bukit bintang, and gathering activities.

for your information, Glamping is a new trend camping, for people who want to camping but still have comfort of a Hotel. There is a small coffee stand here, so we can just relax drinking coffee while enjoying the panorama of Situ Patengan

Rancaupas Deer Conservation Centre

Rancaupas located 2 km away from the famous white crater Kawah putih. There are Deers, if you want to interact with them, you can get on the ground and feed them you can bring extra shoes/sandal because it can get very muddy. You can buy Carrtots/kangkung plastic bag 5.000 IDR for feed the deer.

Tea plantation & strawberry field

We can also visit The Tea Plantation Factory and so many place for you to take the picture. During exploration, tourists can learn the entire process of tea cultivation on the site as well. There are 3 tea, green tea, black tea and white tea.

green tea is traditional chenese tea that aren’t oxidized as long as blacktea leaves.
Black tea is fully oxidized to bring out the deepest flavours
White tea is not oxidized & generally considered to have a lighter.

Strawberry ! blueberry ! Who doesn’t like strawberry ? i think everyone likes this fruit. Ciwidey Strawberry Garden is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bandung. You can also pick the strawberries on the tree for your family at home.