Sunan Ibu Sunrise Treking Tour

For You guys who are morning people, You should try to visit Sunan Ibu at Kawah Putih to hunt the sunrise. In this place You will see white crater and Mountain Patuha Hills as a background while you watch the Sunrise

As you can see the picture it is very beautiful, you can sit at the branches or just stand on the stone there, but We will have to leave early if we want to see the Sunrise. We’ll go Around 03.00 in the morning and walk for a few minutes to reach the spot.

Ranca Upas Deer Conservation

Deer at Ranca Upas

After we see the beautiful Sunrise, we still have a lot of activity for You! Kampung Cai Ranca Upas is the next destination. You will have fun with a deer! This is a deer conservation place. Don’t worry about the deer, they are already tamed. You can feed the deer, take picture with the deer, or even just to admire the nature.

See? The Deer are very nice ! As long as you give them their foods haha!

Wander around at Tea Plantation Rancabali

Deer was very fun! But don’t be amazed just yet, we will take you to the one of the most largest Tea Plantation in Indonesia! Where you will watch amazing field and take a lot of good photos where You can post to your social media.

The look from above the sky !

You will also see the farmer plucking up the best tea. The farmers here can at least collect about 10 tons of tea daily. imagine how much do they bring in a month!

Driam Riverside

Lastly we will visit Driam Riverside to have a Brunch with your love ones! Driam provides you with great background as you eat your meals. There are many kind of foods there, from traditional to international, eastern to western you can enjoy many kind of food here!

That’s it some information for You! If you want to have fun and visit these place You can Contact us at +62 811 2256 012