Bandung Destination for You and Your Family

Lembang is one of the famous place in Bandung that known for many tourism destination. The destination itself offer many kind of thing depends on what You like!

Floating Market

For you and your family

floating market

heaven for food lovers! From the name itself, You can imagine a floating market above water on a lake, therefore there are many seller that sells many kind of dishes ! In Floating Market there are many kind of snack and meals that you can try. From traditional type to modern type of food that you can try! Floating market is the best place to spend time for you and your friends, family and even your lover! You can exchange your entry ticket for a warm drink like Hot Chocolate, Hot Latte, and Hot Milk. In Floating Market, you can do many kind of activity like archery, explore the “lake” with a paddle boat that can fit 2 people inside it. The uniqueness of Floating Market is you have to pay your food by a token! You must exchange your money into token.


The Lodge Maribaya

Fly in your photo!

known for its Air balloon. The Lodge can give you the best background to take a picture, and post it into your social media! There are also many food stall that you can visit, the food stall usually sells traditional food, if you want to eat modern type of food, don’t worry. There also a restaurant here. You can ride a bike that float on a one iron rope. But there is a weight limit to get on this ride. The Lodge also known for its swing! If you ride the swing the photographer will take the picture from a certain location to make your picture looks like you are swinging into the forest behind The Lodge Maribaya


Tangkuban Parahu

Upside down mountain?

tangkuban perahu

One of the many mountains in Lembang, Bandung. Tangkuban Parahu is known for the crater. There are many crater in there but only few that can be visited. The reason some crater can’t be visited is because of the ammoniac gas that are too much and can be toxic to your body if you inhale it long enough. The activity you can do in Tangkuban Parahu is boil an egg inside the crater and then eat it. You can also scrubs your body with the mud inside of the crater. The water of the crater is pretty hot. It felt like a hot water bath but your body will adapt to the warmth of the water because the weather is pretty cold. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes if you want to steep your feet into the crater.


Orchid Forest

Heaven for nature lover

If you love nature certainly you must visit Orchid Forest ! Orchid Forest is very beautiful in other word it is always a pleasing time to visit Orchid Forest Lembang. The breeze of the wind, the fresh air because of the trees, a coffee that you can enjoy alone or with friends. Many kind of big events are held in Orchid Forest. Such as Lalala Fest, indie based concert that involved the nature as it own shows! There are also many kind of orchid that placed in many kind of way that makes it very beautiful and very Instagram-able!

However if you are visiting in rainy season be careful there will be many puddle of water there.