Traditional Village in Bandung !

Cireundeu Indigenous Village

Cireundeu traditional village is a traditional village located in Leuwigajah Village, Cimahi City, West Java. This traditional village has 50 families or approximately 800 persons so the village is pretty small.

Most of the people here works as a farmers, especially Cassava farmers. the unique thing from this village is they don’t eat rice like most of Sundanese.

Since they produce a lot of cassava, they have to make use of it. They created their own source of carbohydrate from cassava, they calls it Rasi .

This traditional village has an area of 64 hectares with the division of land 60 hectares for agriculture and 4 hectares for settlement.

Most of the residents of the Cireundeu village still hold firm the beliefs of Sunda Wiwitan. They have a sacred forest where if you want to entry you must go barefoot.

Strong bond with nature, is what they have, and they don’t want to destroy the forest by using shoes, sandals, or else. They have to hold a ceremony on the forest when its harvesting season.

They have 3 district of forest

Leuweung Larangan

The definition itself means Forbidden Forest, they hold a believe where this forest is sacred therefore they cannot cut the tree from this forest. They make the forest as a source of waters.

Leuweung Tutupan

Forest that are used for reforestation, these forests can be used for trees, but the community must replant with new trees. The extent of reaching 2 to 3 hectares.

Leuweung Badalahan

Forest that are used for farming, the locals mostly plant cassava, but they also plant a corn , and peanut. this is their source of foods.

What you can do here

You can spend your nights at the locals house, blend in with the people, follow the local ceremony, learn how to make Rasi, learn how to play the traditional instrument , and follow the locals to plant and harvest the cassava.