Religious Tour Attraction in Bandung

Bandung is a very beautiful city to be a place to travel. Not only for travel to have fun, but also can be used as religious tourism in order to get inner peace. The following are religious attractions in the city of Bandung :

Great Mosque of Bandung

Also known as Masjid Raya Bandung or Alun-Alun Bandung

Created at 1810 when the dutch colony still in Indonesia. The Mosque was built when De Groote Postweg is being made. It happened when the capital of Bandung being relocated, from Krapyak. The capacity of the Mosque is 12.000 – 14.000 people, and now it can be use as a place to hang out, you can sit around the Mosque area with a synthetic grass and buy some snack outside from the Mosque.

This is the View from the Building, the Building height is 82 Meters you are able to go up to the building the ticket price to climb the building is IDR 5000

St Peter’s Cathedral

Also known as Gereja Katedral Santo Peter

Established at 1906 finished at 1921, and get blessed by Father Edmundus Luypen at 1922. The Church itself have a neo-gothic design that designed by Charles Proper Wolff Schoemaker. There’s also a school named after St Peter which is Elementary of Saint Peter

Vipassana Graha Vihara

You don’t need to go far to Thailand to enjoy the charm of the Vihara because in Bandung it has a beautiful monastery, located in Lembang hectares. the Vipassana Graha Vihara has a distinctive feature with two white elephant statues carrying the Wheel of Dhamma.

In the outer interior there are reliefs about life in the afterlife and hell so that it becomes a useful spiritual lesson.

Klenteng Satya Budhi

The oldest Pagoda in Bandung called Klenteng Satya Budhi. Established since 1855 with the name Hiap Thian Kong. There’s 3 Part of the Building. Vihara Samudra Bhakti, Vihara Satya Budhi, Vihara Buddhagaya.

The statue is Guan Gong also known as God of Keeper. it is said that everyone who enters the building is blessed by Guan Gong a safety.