Instagram Tour

Instagrammer? Photographer? Model? This is the tour for you! We will take you to famous photo spot in Bandung that are very “instagramable”

Rabbit Town

This is the famous place in Bandung that are very controversial. There are many good spots in Rabbit Town where you can take a selfie.

Nara Park

After visiting artistic place, we will go to a place that are more nature to take a photo. Which is Nara Park.

This is the best place to hangout and have a lunch . because of the wind breeze and the situation of the place itself. crowded but not noisy, and the ambience is very cozy.


Before we go to Chinatown, we will have a lunch at local restaurant or at Nara park if you wanted to.

In Chinatown you get the vibes where you are at China! And there is many activity that you can do there. You can even rent a costume to make you more look like you are in China. You can also enjoy variety of snack in Chinatown.

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