Puntang Mountain

Puntang means “holding on to something” in Sundanese. Currently there is no brief explanation of “holding on to what?”. In my opinion, we should hold on to Mount Puntang’s beautiful nature, wildlife, and historical remnants. Mount Puntang means perpetuating our origins, that we are just tiny humans living among the vast natural landscapes.

Bamboo Village

The whole Bamboo village divided 3 areas, there are parking area, playground area, camping ground. So don’t forget to bring your family to Bamboo villages and Puntang mountain.

Can you imagine how peaceful it is to be there?? it was cloudy and drizzling the moment you got there. Do you want to eat while you around this area? It called Lutung Kasarung. One of the spots in Dusun Bambu you can enjoy your meals.

Dusun bambu provides free transport in the form of colorfully decorated mini bus ( called wara wiri ) to bring you around this area, The bus has three stop points: parking area P1 and P2, the dining and playground area and recreation area. The bus fits 10-14 people .

Cisangkuy River

Cisangkuy river flows between two mountain, Puntang and patuha mountain, the river also origanetes from Cileunca Lake, the river therefore can only be use rafting in rainy seasons when the water volume increases and the depth of the water reaches 4 meters. But don’t worry! because all of you use the safety for rafting.

Cimaung Coffe Plantation

Besides the river, forest, there is a coffe plantation at Puntang, there is a type of coffe really unique, it called “Pituin Coffe” This coffee is taken from coffee plantation area Cimaung West Java. The inherent bitterness makes distinctive features for PITUIN COFFEE. If you are an original coffee lover you can enjoy the bitter sensation of this coffee. But if you are not strong enough to hold the bitter taste, you can mix this coffee with sugar or sweetened condensed milk .

Lembur Awi

you can enjoy while you eating and then enjoy the view, there are sundanese food like Nasi Timbel, made of Rice, Fried/grill chiken, tofu and tempe with sundanese sauce.

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