Hidden Gem – Rengganis Crater

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Rengganis crater is a place where you can relax at the afternoon. You can soak your feet or even take a bath there.

There are 2 ways to reach Rengganis Crater. Which is to ride a local transportation ( Motorcycle ) or to Walk. if you are an adventurer walking shouldn’t be a problem for you guys. It is only 2 KM walk from bottom to top. The view when you are walking is also great because Rengganis Crater is located in a jungle.

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You can also scrub your body with the mud at the crater. The benefits of the mud is to clear your skin and make your skin smoother, and the hot spring itself have it own benefit that can cure your rheumatism. Not to mention you can boil an egg to fill your belly while taking a hot bath.

There is also a sacred waterfall where the locals go to meditate and pilgrimage their loved one who has passed away. But it is prohibited to enter it and have a certain rule to do go to the Waterfall. You must be accompanied by the Chief of the village, and must go with a clear heart.