Most Famous and Unique Ice Cream Shop in Bandung !

Bandung has always been the center for the lifestyle development of young people. No exception to the culinary world. Cafes and restaurants are increasingly mushrooming providing many choices for young people. One of the culinary that you should try when visiting Bandung is ice cream.

Green Tea Holic

As the name suggests, this Green Tea Holic shop sells a variety of green tea, one of them is of course green tea ice cream. This wooden shop is located at Jl Sultan Agung No 15, Bandung Wetan.

They not only sells ice cream, they also serve you with many kind to compliment the ice cream !

Home made Green Tea Ice Cream from Lucio Luciano Pastry

Lucio Luciano, this Italian-style name serves a variety of breads, cakes, until ice cream with a variety of tempting flavors. The advantage of this place is that there are many choices of cakes with a unique appearance.

Sweet Belly

Sweet Belly has many unique menus, especially ice cream. You can order an ice cream burger, where ice cream is placed between the burger bun and injected with syrup, Sweet Belly is the most hits cafe in Bandung. Located on Jalan Lombok No 53