OLD BUT GOLD! Dutch Art Deco building in Bandung.

Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate or Sate Building located in downtown Bandung was built in 1920. Named Gedung Sate, because the top of the building, has a shape like a Satay. Gedung Sate is a building where the Mayor of the city works. The Satay at the top of the building is actually a Lightning Repellent, and the balls its actually a 6 guavas. They put 6 guavas as a symbol of the cost of the building which is 6 Million Gulden at Dutch Colonialism time.


Bosscha is a Dutch colonial heritage building. This place is a place for the study about stars or a star observatory. But before go here it’s a good idea to make a reservation first. Bosscha is open for public but the open time is only 1 hour, for ex : 09:00 am – 10:00 , then 11:00 – 12:00, and etc.

Villa Isola, Art Deco building

This building was build in the Dutch colonial era. Created at 1933 and owned by Dominique Willem Berrety. After the Dutches almost lose the war from the Japanese. The Japanese take over the building and make the building as a home for General Hitoshi Imamura. Right before the Kalijati agreement (1942) in Subang.

This building is located at Indonesia University of Education. But now the building being used as the office place of the lecture. You can also visit this place to admire the building and learn the history of the Villa Isola