Roam around Bandung with BOSEH !

Bike On Street Everybody Happy !

One of the government program to reduce the use of a motor transportation. They called it BOSEH, where you can rent the bike for a cheap price to roam around Bandung. They created the program to support the Car Free Day program that held on every sunday in Jalan Dago.
Many people walk, taking their pets, and even biking at the Dago

e-Money to Rent the Bike

You must buy the Card in order to rent the bike. Don’t worry ! It is pretty simple, there will be a counter where you can buy and top up your account to rent the bike. After you top up your card, Tap the card to the machine and look at the number that showed on the machine. The Machine will show you the bike that you rented.

In order to return it, you must return it to the BOSEH Station. Which is easy to find. There are 70 Station in Bandung where you can return the bike. You have to Put the bike, and then tap your card. After you tapped your card, you will see how much the price rent. The price is depend on how long you are using the bike .