rengganis crater

Hello People…. Rengganis crater is one of the natural tourist destinations, especially those who like challenges. In this place not only can see good scenery, visitors can also soak in hot water. This is a tourist attraction caused by the ancient Sundanese eruption that occurred several million years ago.

Glamping Lake side

For next journey, Ciwidey has a new place for your vacation, it’s name Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. it’s offer glamour lakeside, restaurant, Bukit bintang, and gathering activities.

Warung Kopi Gunung

Warung Kopi gunung is a populer kaffe at ciwidey, Warung Kopi Gunung has an interior design with wooden, there are western menu, sundanese food, don’t worry about the taste because this food made of professional chef.

Explore Kawah Putih

from Bandung, 50 Km south of the city to get to Kawah putih. The Kawah Putih site was opened to visitors in 1987, Kawah putih is white crater was formed from the eruption of Mount Patuha. It’s very nice colourful lake,  because the color of the crater is apple green because it contains sulfur.

Strawberry ! blueberry ! Who doesn’t like strawberry ? i think everyone likes this fruit. Ciwidey Strawberry Garden is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bandung. You can also pick the strawberries on the tree for your family at home.

Driam Riverside

Set in a Bamboo forest, Driam has some playground like Driam swing, Hover Tent Driam, Paint ball Driam, Taman perahu Driam, Sand Pool Driam, Stone gate Driam, Taman teka teki Driam, Bamboo bridge Driam, Keranjang bunga raksasa Driam, Patung garuda Driam, Stone Car.