Agro Tourism in Bandung (strawberry edition!)

Picking strawberry at Kebun Bunga Begonia

Inside of Kebun Bunga Begonia, there is a strawberry garden that we can pick direct from the garden and buy them. The strawberry seeds itself is imported from Europe, so the characteristic of the strawberry is big and sweet. Besides selling ripe strawberries. Here we can buy strawberry plant about Rp.35.000

Ciwidey Strawberry Garden

Like the usual strawberry garden in other word, Ciwidey strawberry gardens besides having beautiful view of strawberry plants and the cool air. Different from Kebun Bunga Begonia, the strawberry seeds here is imported from Asia, the characteristic of the strawberry is small and have a lot vitamin c in it. So the strawberry become more sour! Here you can pick and buy strawberries. For the price of strawberries themselves starting from Rp. 35,000 – Rp. 50,000

Rumah Strawberry

In Rumah Strawberry besides being able to pick strawberries, here we can stay overnight. They also provide rooms with themes from various countries such as Java from Indonesia, Japan, Victoria Europe, China and Thailand. Entrance fee is Rp. 20,000 / pax and we can pick strawberries for 2 ounces. If there is excess, a tariff of Rp.10,000 / ounce will be charged