Know About South Bandung

South Bandung is better known as a center for agro-tourism activities (agriculture and tea plantations in Rancabali, Ciwidey, Malabar, Pangalengan and Halu Mountain), Tirta Tourism (Situ Patenggang and Situ Cileunca) and Wana Tourism (Kamojang Crater, White crater and Cimanggu hot spring). Ciwidey Tourism Area is a fairly complete tourist destination in the Southern District of Bandung Regency, in addition to Pangalengan with its Situ Cileunca tourism object, Malabar Agro tourism, and other tourist objects. So, what are you waiting for? let’s look together.

1. White Crater

Kawah Putih is a tourist spot in West Java located in the village of Alam Endah, Ciwidey District, Bandung Regency, West Java, located at the foot of Mount Patuha. White crater is a lake formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha. Soil mixed with sulfur around the crater is white, then the color of the water in the crater is greenish white, unique from this crater is the water sometimes changes color. White Kawah Lake itself is at an altitude of 2194 m but the total area of White Crater Lake is 25 ha which is used for 5 ha tourism and the location of the crater itself is 3 ha. Unique? of course, le’s we find the secret of this place.

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2. Deer Conservation Ranca upas

Ranca Upas is located not too far from the entrance of the white crater tourist attraction. This place is a campground where many of the eucalyptus trees are grown and there are deer breeding. In contrast to animals in the Bandung Zoo, deer are allowed to live freely in a fairly large area, where there are elongated wooden buildings for visitors to observe. The air here is cold and fresh, quiet and away from the noise and pollution of big cities. it’s very amazing we can closer with with an endangered deer.

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3. Strawberry Farm

Strawberry picking tourism is currently a tourist that is very popular with tourists. Strawberry is a superior agro-tourism product from Bandung regency, especially in the Ciwidey area. In this area there are a lot of traditional strawberry gardens to the gardens with professional management. You are free to choose which garden you like and pick yourself.

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4. Pinisi Resto, Glamping Lakeside

Pinisi Restaurant is a tourist attraction in south Bandung that gives the feel of a restaurant that is inside a vehicle shaped ship Pinisi. Here you can eat, have coffee, and also take a selfie. Especially for those of you who like selfies and save beautiful moments, this place is a recommendation because there are many interesting and unique photo spots at Pinisi Resto that you can later try.

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5. Rengganis Crater

Rengganis Cibuni Crater is located in Patengan Village, Rancabali District, Rengganis which has amazing natural beauty. You need to know that Rengganis crater is efficacious for the health of your skin. Very amazing is not it? In this crater there is sulfur mixed with river flow. If you are going to visit or want to visit Bandung don’t forget to come to this great tourist spot.

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