North Bandung

North Bandung is an area in Bandung City and West Bandung Regency, such as Lembang and Dago, of course have a lot of natural attractions. As we know an area in North Bandung that is visited by many tourists. This area is a favorite tourist destination for tourists, especially the city of origin of Jakarta, because it offers tourist attractions that are comfortable and cool air, so it’s no wonder the North Bandung tourist area is always full of local and foreign tourists during weekend holidays and other holidays. Get inspired for your Indonesian break with our list of top things to do in Bandung.


Snack On Volcanic Eggs. Tangkuban, 30km north of the city, is just one of the active volcanoes that surrounds Bandung. It was formed after the ancient Mount Sunda collapsed during another volcano’s eruption. You can hike up to the three kawah (craters) to marvel at nature’s creations. And those volcanic eggs? You can buy a batch freshly boiled in the waters of the steaming crater lake

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The Lodge Maribaya is one of the tourist attractions in Lembang that offers a variety of things to visitors. Here we can do various activities such as camping, trekking around the beautiful pine forest area, gathering and team building, or even just refreshing to enjoy the culinary. There are also various rides which are absolutely instagrammable. Surrounded by mountains with typical pine forests, the air and atmosphere here is indeed fresh.

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You’ll notice the European vibe the moment you step inside Farm house Lembang, and the globetrotting attractions of this theme park don’t stop there. Among the quaint buildings and gardens you’ll stumble across Hobbiton House – an exact replica of one of the New Zealand film set originals. Take a trip to the park’s petting zoo to cuddle sheep, calves and rabbits.

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These attractions seem to be intended for family tourism in Bandung, the same as Jendela Alam, De Ranch, or Dago Dream Park. At Floating Market we can enjoy the atmosphere of the region which is neat and natural. Many interesting objects that will make your child happy. In addition, many culinary offerings to choose from.

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Sukawana Tea Plantation is under PTPN VIII, including in the Bukit superior farm, part of Sukawana. Previously, this area was known as ‘pangheotan‘. He said, this name came from the name of Van Houten, a Dutch meneer who owned a plantation here. Now, PTPN VIII has chosen Sukawana to refer to this tea plantation area. Here, there is also a tea processing factory. He said, the processed tea from here is preferred for export. this place as we know be the one of the best spot for take a picture.

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