Southern Bandung

Think of Western Bandung, is an area far from the hectic bustle of the city of Bandung, here we can find a lot of natural scenery and of course meet with very friendly village people. In this place we will get unforgettable memories.

1. Bamboo Village Puntang Mountain

With a view of bamboo, a natural Indonesian tree that can be used as an extraordinary stopover. Enjoy some food by the natives. Have fun together with sincere smiles from many children and feel true happiness. Coffee Plantation Paradise with its features.

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2. Puntang Mountain

Puntang means “holding on to something” in Sundanese. Currently there is no brief explanation of “holding on to what?”. In my opinion, we should hold on to Mount Puntang’s beautiful nature, wildlife, and historical remnants. Mount Puntang means perpetuating our origins, that we are just tiny humans living among the vast natural landscapes.

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