Best Quality Coffee is From Bandung !

Nowadays everybody enjoys coffee. Not only the elders, but the teenagers also going out to have a coffee either they really enjoy it, or just to spend times with their friends. Today i will tell you variety of coffee beans from Bandung.

Gunung Puntang Coffee Beans

nominated as the best quality coffee by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). For you who a coffee person and like Arabican type of coffee, which is a flavorful and less stronger than Robusta, this is the best coffee beans for you to choose if you wanted a coffee. Depends on what the Coffee Tree growing with. If the coffee tree grows near a cocoa tree, the coffee itself will have a cocoa aroma and taste, and etc.

Puntang Beans usually is an Wine Coffee. A fermented process to make the coffee have a certain kind of aroma, which is Wine. The fermented process takes at least 30-60 days, and the beans itself are the chosen one. Wine Coffee also have a high level of acidity, so for you guys who have a ucler problem this coffee is not recommended for you.

The range price for the coffee is 55$ / Kg. Good price for Good Coffee !