Venture From Forest To City And Back Again

Think of Bandung, western Java, as a tale of two destinations. The busy streets of this thriving centre contrast with their active volcano and lush countryside surrounds. Take time out from the bustle to hike around crater lake Kawah Putih’s sapphire waters and visit a tea plantation, before soaking up the Art Deco buildings and charm back in town. with the natural beauty that surrounds the crowded city of Bandung with the busy streets by vehicles do not make natural beauty disappear. really make this heart enchanted by the atmosphere in West Java.

Get inspired for your Indonesian break with our list of top things to do in Bandung. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s look together.


Enjoy the performance of angklung music in Saung Angklung Udjo. Saung Angklung is an original Sundanese musical instrument made of bamboo. Every time you hear this instrument, the heart feels calm. In Bandung, there is a place that you can visit to enjoy the Anglung music performance. The name of the place is Saung Angklung Udjo at Padasuka Street No.118, Pasirlayung, Cibeunying Kidul District, Bandung City, West Java.

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kawah putih experience


See the beauty of white crater. White Crater is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bandung. So, your visit to Bandung will be incomplete without visiting this place. White crater is one of the most beautiful mountain craters in Indonesia. The turquoise blue water is a sight that makes the eyes don’t want to blink.

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Photo in the iconic places. Of course there must be evidence that we can show off to friends that we just traveled around Bandung. Taking pictures in iconic places in Bandung can be valid proof. Of course you must visit “Deer Farm” that’s one of the iconic place in Bandung.

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Pleasure and healthy that’s Rengganis Cibuni Crater, located in Patengan Village, Rancabali District, Rengganis which has amazing natural beauty. You need to know that Rengganis crater is efficacious for the health of your skin. Very amazing is not it? In this crater there is sulfur mixed with river flow. If you are going to visit or want to visit Bandung don’t forget to come to this great tourist spot.

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Various knowledge and historical evidence can be found in this museum, in this museum everything is discussed clearly in a popular way. The development of the Earth from million years ago. Rock changes due to the activity of the earth’s crust. Evolution of living things on earth. And much more. Knowledge that is interesting and easy to digest because it is presented in an interesting visual too.

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6.Floating Market

A little out of the city of Bandung, precisely in the Lembang area, do not miss to visit the Floating Market Tourism aka the Floating Market. Here, floating market traders line up neatly on the edge of Lake Situ Umar. The goods sold by traders here are appetizing foods. But, you can not just buy with your money you know, you need to exchange special coins to be able to transact here.

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Thousand area of beauty should be visited. Braga Street Bandung is the name of one of the main streets in Bandung, West Java. What is interesting about this road? As an area nicknamed Paris Van Java, Jalan Braga Bandung has become one of the biggest shopping and entertainment centers. In addition, tourism is also important to attract visitors. That is why this road presents a thousand beauties that need to be felt by visitors.

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Beautiful sunrise in Bandung Palace. One of the natural attractions visited by many visitors and a lot of photo spots that are uploaded on social media, the name is a natural tourism object of the cliffs. The selfie photo with a beautiful background, is becoming a trend among the community one of which is the paradise photo of the cliffs of the palace in Bandung Bandung west.

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Variety of interactive props that are rarely encountered. Puspa Science and Technology has more than 180 pieces of interactive props so that visitors can try themselves and explore these props. The name Puspa Science and Technology Sundial is a combination of Puspa Science and Technology and Sundial. Puspa Science and Technology is an abbreviation of the Center for the Demonstration of Science and Technology, while Sundial means the sundial.

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Heaven hiddern in Bandung nature. Sanghyang Heuleut is the most esoteric place in Bandung that can be used as an alternative to relieve all the fatigue and routine that feels piercing. This place is a small lake with clear blue water. Many photo spots can be used to take photos at this place.

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