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Hello friend of Raja Tour Bandung, wish you good healty always, Amen. Now the admin wants to discuss one more highly recommended culinary in bandung. Namely “Roti 234 Gang Kote”

Toasted bread is a snack that is easily found in various parts of Indonesia. In Bandung, this one culinary is one of the favorite night snacks. There are many delicious bakery in Bandung. But not complate if you don’t visit Gang Kote. Gang Kote is Located at Jalan Jendral Sudirman Bandung. Every afternoon to night, the alley is always crowded with culinary hunters. Understandably, because there is  a place where the bakers are famous in Bandung. His name is Roti Bakar 234 or the local people call it Roti Bakar Gang Kote. This toast business has actually been initiated since 1958. Around the 1980s it was very popular with the name Roti Bakar  555 and is usually in the town square. But now changed to Roti Bakar 234 According to the Brand of Bread used. This type of bread is old, visible from a solid texture, not too soft, but not too hard or rude.

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roti bakar 234 gang kote bandung

Today’s toast is usually cooked by placing it on a hot skillet that has been given butter. The heat of course comes from the stove so the process is quite fast. Different things were shown Roti Bakar Gang Kote. They still maintain the traditional way as used by the pioneer, namely by burning bread on charcoal coals. As is well known that charcoal often gives an extra flavor to a dish, as well as Roti Bakar 234. The texture becomes more crisp on the outside, but melted inside, and the aroma is really appetizing.

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