Haloooo Friend’s of Raja Tour Bandung,,,
this time we want to discuss about the Destinations Curug Malela, a waterfall that comes from the northern part of the River upstream of Mount Kendeng Ciujung, a volcano located in the West of Ciwidey dead and then the river flows through cidadap – Mount Halu.

Malela Waterfall is a very popular waterfall tour in Bandung because of its enchanting natural beauty. Not only that, there is another uniqueness of the Malela waterfall which is a number of waterfall showers that line neatly and close together. This makes it very similar to the famous waterfall in the world, namely Niagara Falls.

This waterfall is quite heavy and if you’re lucky, you can see hundreds of long-tailed monkeys (macaca pasciscularis) who were drinking water under the Malela Waterfall . Malela waterfall has a height of about 60 to 70 meters with a width of a waterfall reaching 70 meters.

This Waterfall has 5 pieces of waterfall paths that will look very beautiful and its magnificent splendor whoever sees it. Not only its enchanting natural charm, the facilities provided are also quite complete, such as toilet, parking area and foods stall that are not far from the location of the waterfall. Play water, swim in a pool under the waterfall to capture selfies with beautiful waterfall background, all you can do in this Malela waterfall!!

Malela Waterfall
Malela Waterfall

How Friends Raja Tour Bandung ? Cool, right? It is not wrong if this Waterfall is called a little Niagara. Especially if the excess water discharge, from above is really like a Niagara replica.

Location, Routes and Ticket Prices for Malela Curug Bandung

Malela waterfall is located in Manglid Village, Cidadas , Rongga District, West Bandung Regency. To visit the location of Malela Waterfall, this place is actually quite easy. If you take it from the direction of Bandung City, you can go directly to the Ciroyom terminal. Arriving at the terminal, continue the journey to the Buni Jaya area by passing the Ciroyom area. Not only Ciroyom, your trip will also pass through Cililin, Sindang Kerta and also Gunung Hijau. During the trip you will be presented with a very indulgent natural landscape. Will definitely make your trip more exciting and fun.

To sign in  Curug Malela you will be rate charged Rp 5,000 per person. In addition, if you bring your own vehicle then will also be charged a parking fee of Rp 5,000,-and Rp 8,000, to a cars.   so, Interested in visiting the Curug Malela Bandung?

so, Interested in visiting Malela waterfall Bandung? Come on, hurry up and take closest friends you guys, Because this place is a very fitting place for young people. so you are guaranteed not to regret going to this place.

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