Welcome Back Guys! New year is coming soon, do you know where you want to go?

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve which has a very Bandung characteristic, or commonly called “Bandung Pisan” it seems that the Bandung Square area is very suitable to accompany your new year’s eve.

At the turn of the year, the town square is often one of the centers of the crowd. Many Bandung residents await the turn of the year in the city Square. This place can also be your chosen destination. Usually travelers and residents of Bandung overflowed in the Square, also the road around the Square. Like Dewi Sartika street, Dalem Kaum street, Asia Afrika street, Karapitan Street, Lengkong Besar, Lengkong Kecil, and Burangrang will be far more crowded than usual.

The new year eve of 2019 in the city of Bandung will be enlivened by a variety of activities on New Year’s Eve later. The West Java Provincial Government will also hold a number of events ahead of the turn of the year. Based on the information obtained by Tribun Jabar, the new year’s eve event begins with the end of the year muhasabah with the people of West Java. Muhasabah was held at Pusdai Mosque, Bandung City. The West Java Provincial Government will also conduct a Video Conference Forum of the West Java Regional Leaders with the Commander of the Indonesian Military and the National Police regarding monitoring the situation of the security forces on the eve of the new year. Then, the last event that was held was the Wayang Golek performance.

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Bandung Square is the most crowded place on New Year’s Eve in Bandung. Tourists and residents of Bandung usually overflowing the square by motorbike or car to Bandung Square and waiting for the excitement of the fireworks that will be presented when welcoming the New Year’s Eve. In addition, here also usually there will be a trumpet blast that you can hear while welcoming the arrival of the change of the year at 00:00 WIB.

What’s your opinion guys? Let’s enjoy the thrill of new year’s eve at Bandung Square!

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