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This week, have friends planned where friends will be traveling in Bandung? In Bandung there are still so many tourist attractions that you have to visit with your relatives. This time we will discuss about the Curug Pelangi which is in Cimahi, this location is not so far from Dusun Bambu. You certainly already know the Dusun Bambu area, one of the most hits places in Bandung,

Curug Cimahi or Rainbow Waterfall Bandung Actually it’s an old place and its name is a waterfall / curug cimahi. But Perhutani as the manager carried out new innovations to increase the potential here by adding a decorative lamp in cimahi waterfall, to make it look romantic. At night these decorative lights produce beautiful effects you know, to go directly to the waterfall, you have to pass the stairs down. When you pass the stairs down you have to be careful with animals whose names are monkeys, Heheheh. Because once in a while this animal still likes to appear. They are not disturbing but it would be better to keep watch. And so as not to be curious, just go to this place. to enter the Rainbow Waterfall you only spend as much as 15,000 / person.

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This place is famous during the afternoon until the evening because the lights that adorn this Curug Pelangi and the afternoon atmosphere are also very interesting. A pretty good atmosphere to make the mind calm. And the scenery during the day is no less good because there are so many cool places to take photos. You can enjoy the cool water in the Curug pelangi. The water is swift, clear, cold, and the air is cool will make you very comfortable at this place. To go to the waterfall is also not difficult because there are already neatly arranged stairs. Besides that there is a clean toilet and also a small mosque near the waterfall. Because Curug Pelangi with Dusun Bambu Is Not so far away, so you can walk to several places in a day. It’s fun to be able to walk to several places a day right?


Don’t forget to visit this place with your close friend. Because this place is great for young people so it’s guaranteed not to regret coming to this places. on is not so far from Dusun Bambu. You certainly already know the Dusun Bambu area, one of the most hits places in Bandung, Hehehehe.

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